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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Danny Boy by Stephen Hough - Great Arrangement

Watch Stephen Hough’s piano duet and voice arrangement of Danny Boy!

This version of Danny Boy was pianist Alisdair Hogarth and The Prince Consort’s encore in their Wigmore recital last week (28 Oct) of Stephen Hough’s major vocal works.
The concert included the world premiere of Stephen’s new song cycle Dappled Thingswhich was dedicated to Wigmore director John Gilhooly. It also featured Stephen’s cycle written for The Prince Consort – Other Love Songs – written for SATB and piano 3 hands (!). Stephen joined Alisdair Hogarth at the keys for this, hence writing a duet piano part for the Danny Boy.
They received a 4 star review in the Financial Times!
The video also features an alumnus of The Prince Consort’s Side-by-Side project, soprano Verity Wingate. This is a project that the Prince Consort run with Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Wigmore Hall – the last project featured Stephen’s Other Love Songs - and helps to give performance experience to outstanding young artists from Guildhall (including pianists too – they worked with four pianists last year). As part of the project the artists get a Wigmore debut with The Prince Consort, performing side-by-side and the Prince Consort try to support them professionally in whatever way they can.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Learn Piano with Wolfie. I Love It.. New App for Ipad

Wolfi is a great app for me because i have no place to connect the ipad to my keyboard, and with wolfi you play and it listens for the note then lets you play songs while highlighting the notes as you move along the score. see the video below.
Below you can get idea of how it works, but It's like having a teacher with you. best of all is you go as fast or slow as you like.... 

 Now you see it in action you can go to the facebook page for more info.

Monday, January 18, 2016

New Year and Great First Post - Enjoy It.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Born Again Piano Player in 2015

Like so many things in our life's we get attracted by lots of things and some things we like to do get put on the back burner so to speak.

My father has a good saying (use it or lose it) of course he was referring to my brain but its true for many things. Playing piano is such a joy. but with moving house etc it got put to the side in favour of setting up and maintaining my tropical garden.

I spend more time out in the garden than i do in the house and as such the piano sits their patiently waiting my attention. and every day i walk passed it

 and think oh i'll sit down later and play but always something else takes my time and the piano keyboard look back at me with its white and black keys shinning as the sun hits them via the centre courtyard and so it finally beat me and now I am setting time aside once again to play.

I hope to start back on this blog updating and sharing my enjoyment with you all...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Free Gift For Christmas That Piano Players will Enjoy..

Yes you saw it right a free gift for Christmas, it was sent to me by my friend over at piano street  and I thought it so good I just have to share, (with their permission of course). 

So go get it now and enjoy this wonderful guide of Prelude 1.

As a musical holiday gift, you are welcome to try out to learn “a small piece that sounds big” in 49 easy steps or to compose your own ending to one ofMozart’s most loved piano pieces.

New at Piano Street, December 2014:
Worksheets & Practice Guides

The two pieces below are from the series of Piano Street Instructive Edition, now incorporating a completely new, added concept: “Worksheet & Practice Guide”. It’s like always practicing with a teacher next to you; demanding but incredibly effective…
Try i it out now by selecting a piece approriate for your level, print it out, get yourself a coffee and have a nice time at the piano!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yesterday While Shopping, I Saw a Gershwin Piano - Or Did I?

As most of trips out end up around music stores or Instrument shops, I was amused to see an Upright piano with the Name Gershwin on it as the Brand.

So a quick search on this revealed no such piano exist yet here it was in front of me and sounded great with nice tone and pitch.

so looking inside I notice the serial was something like 356042 which would indicate that a lot of these pianos were made.

So after chatting with sale team found out that it was a second hand piano about 5 years old (although look so New) and was in fact a piano made in china. and with the Gershwin name on it because it sounded German and felt it would give the piano a nice look and impression of quality.

So was this piano any good? all I can tell you was it played so nice and felt right to me and for the sound was so good with perfect match to my key strokes be it soft or hard.

And the best thing was its price only rm6500 Just over 1000 pounds.

the colour of this piano was a deep luscious cherry red tone with black base and boy did it stand out. I loved it.

But although I was tempted as so many times before - I always like to retreat and do research first.

I have no photos as in most shops in Malaysia they do not like you to take photos.
(the piano above is a Beale Piano but the colour was the same rich tones)

Think it's to do with the fact prices are on display and can be use by competitors.

But it's in the back of my mind how much I liked that Piano.

Have you purchased a piano on instinct alone?

One other thing, while searching for info on the Gershwin Piano I began to realise how much of Gershwins music I actual knew yet never associated it to him.

So Now I am using the Sheet Music Search box to find lots of his works. Try it yourself it's Great....

Monday, June 9, 2014

Play Piano and Increase your Brain Power

Brain scans show that the brains of adult musicians are larger than those of non-musicians.
Research now shows that learning to play the piano actually causes parts of the brain to increase in size.
Kudos to all you parents who are helping your children learn to play! You’re making a real difference in your child’s development.
Read a Summary of the Research
Brain scans reveal clear differences: certain parts of the brain are larger in adult musicians as compared with nonmusicians. So are special brainy people genetically predisposed to music or is the process of learning an instrument responsible for the larger size? Researcher Gottfried Schlog and his colleagues developed experiments to investigate.
Schlog’s study demonstrates that learning to play an instrument does in fact cause structural changes in the brains of children, and that the amount of time spent practicing is important. Test children received lessons on piano or a string instrument for two years.
Brain scans performed at the beginning of the study revealed no significant differences between children in the test and control groups. Brain scans performed at the end of two years showed significantly increased size among children who were high practicers
I found about this while visiting my friends over at Ear Training and Improv dot com.

So Get your Children into playing the piano and better still as an older Adult - No reason why we can not benefit from this - Just play the piano more and study while having fun on the piano.

Hope you have a great Year and Playing Piano for Adults can find more great info like this for you to enjoy.
Regards John


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